ViSalus is Life

What is ViSalus? Vi literally means "life" and with the ViSalus Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge you can reclaim yours! We want to help share what ViSalus is with everyone, including yourself, so feel free to keep reading for more details. If you're ready to take on your own 90 Day Challenge now, you can sign up right now by simple filling out the form at or by entering your information in the contact box above. I will get in touch with you for the rest!

ViSalus is Health

Whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or simply get fit, ViSalus has a kit for you. Follow us on Facebook at and see my own results. I also help my own customers and promoters with all of the tools, tips, and advice they need to reach their goals! If you're still looking for information, follow any of the links above or Contact Us Today!

ViSalus Product Info

ViSalus is Health

ViSalus is Prosperity

Checks, bonuses, and a brand new BMW. After you enroll as a Visalus Promoter you will start with the "Getting Started with ViSalus" training. After the enrollment process is complete I will personally call you and welcome you to the Vi-Family. I will then give you all of the contact details you need and start your business and help you get started to ensure your success as a Visalus Promoter.

ViSalus is Giving

ViSalus Community Challenge


ViSalus is committed to giving back to the community. With great programs such as the Body by Vi Community Challenge and Project 10 Kids, ViSalus is positioning to be the leader in fighting childhood obesity and ensuring that there are local families don't have hungry children! Participating in either program is really simple, too! Click here for more details on how you can help.

A Little About ViSalus


ViSalus, which launched in 2005, is a collaborative effort of Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen, and Ryan Blair. These three individuals have successfully saved a failing company and transformed ViSalus into the billion dollar company it is today! The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is the world's largest health, fitness, and weight loss challenge, and it continues to get bigger and better!

Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen & Nick Sarnicola - The ViSalus Founders


Achieve Your Health Goals With ViSalus


The driving force behind ViSalus is the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. No matter what your current health and wellness goals may be, ViSalus has a kit for you! If you want to lose weight, ViSalus has options for you. Want to build lean muscle? There's a kit for that too. Of course, if you just want some added nutrition or a quick, healthy meal option in your diet, ViSalus has an option for you as well! For details on the different kits and options available Click Here

Live Better with ViSalus


In addition to allowing you to live a healthier life, ViSalus provides plenty of benefits to your wallet as well! Above all else, a single serving of ViSalus Vi-Shape shake mix provides a healthy meal option or addition for only $1.64! This makes a complete meal with ViSalus a great alternative to eating out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even better, a ViSalus shake takes only a minute to make and can be mixed with water, milk, soy milk, or almond milk, so you can easily take it on the go!

Of course, ViSalus also has options in place to get your product for free as well! If you know just three (3) other people that would like to make a change in their own lives as well, and they choose to sign up with a Body by Vi kit of at least the same value as yours, then you get yours free! This is the program that is referred to as "3 for Free." ViSalus also has many other give aways through contests and programs such as Project 10 and of course the 90 Day Challenge Transformation. This year alone, ViSalus will be giving away over $47 million in free product and pizes! Please Contact Us Today for details on any of these programs or opportunities.

Finally, ViSalus changes many lives each year through their many ViSalus Promoter benefits. Not only can you get your product for free and win incredible amounts of cash and prizes, but ViSalus will also pay you to promote your own 90 Day Challenge! For more details on becoming a ViSalus Independent Promoter, please Click Here for more details.

Latest News from ViSalus

ViSalus Project 10 Weekly Winners
  • 3/25/2013

Every week, ViSalus gives 10 lucky winners $1000 each just for losing their first 10 pounds! Let me show you how you can be next!

  • 3/1/2013

What is ViSalus and the 90 Day Challenge? Check out the video to the left. It's all about real results on The Challenge and then promoting it. Finally convinced? Sign up now!

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